(The Granary of Myanmar)

very beautiful beaches such as Ngwe Saung and Chaung Thar. The beaches attract you to visit our country. At these beaches day trip excursion such as visiting elephant camp, diving expedition are available. That’s why we believe that one can enjoy studying the interesting eco-tourism site and relaxation at the wonderful beaches by watching the sunset.

Capital – Pathein

Languages major – Myanmar

Industries – Agriculture

Car, Train

Chaung Thar Beach

Ngwe Saung Beach


Archeological & Culture – pagodas, Monasteries, “Spirit” Worship Culture

Art & Craft – Handmade umbrella work shop with bamboo pole, Pottery and Glaze ware production

Special Activities- Cruising along the Ayeyarwaddy River


Pathein is the capital of the Ayeyearwaddy Division, 113 miles (190km) west from Yangon. Capital of the delta region, and gate way to Chaungthar and Ngwe Saung. It is well known as the “Granary of Myanmar”. Can go a car or by boat. Pathein is a center of trade and the rice bowl in Myanmar, the region rich in marine resources. Pathein is also famous for its colorful handmade umbrellas, known as “Pathein Hti”. It is the nearest beaches resort located in the Ayeyarwaddy Division. The main products are paddy, sesames, groundnuts and jute, maze, pulses, tobacco, etc.

Chaung Thar Beach

The meaning of the beach name itself is “The Pleasant Creek”. Sure, it is one of the peace and pleasant beach of Myanmar. Visitor may study about the nearby islands and way of life of the local people. Ever wonder what the view is like? It is a beach for those who love basking in the sun, diving or swimming. It is a very convenient drive from Yangon. Yangon via Pathein taking about 5 hours.

Ngwe Saung beach

The newest cool spot situated on the western seaboard of the country, facing the Bay of Bengal. Sea, Sand, Sun and Scene at Ngwe Saung are the breath taking beauties. It is about 48km from Pathein. The long Ngwe Saung beach lies between the Bay of Bengal with its unforgettable views at sunset, and the Rakine Mountains Range with the evergreen tropical rain forests on its slopes. While you stroll along the beach, waves lap on the shore on the seaside, and the row of screw- pines sway under the arched coconut trees on the shore side.