Laphet Thoke

Laphet Thoke


Laphet Thoke

In our country, the elderly usually say ‘ of all the fruits, the mango is the best, of all the meat, the pork is the best and of all the leaves laphet is the best’.


As they said, laphet is the best traditional food in our country and it  has a tradition of both eating and drinking(yay nway gyan). As a drinking(yay nway gyan), we use dried tea leaves with hot water .

It is national drink in our country and treat with laphat thoke. Laphet thoke is Myanmar famous traditional food and tea leaves are commonly cultivated in northern Myanmar. The leaves have a slight bitter herb flavor, but when they are pickled they have more of a sour pickled taste.


The main ingredients of laphet thoke are tea leaves, slices of tomato, shaved cabbage, fried peas, roasted peanuts, sesame seeds, ginger, garlic, oil and little amount of lime juice and is one of the most traditional Myanmar dish.

For Myanmar people it is also a symbol of generosity, sharing and loving, because the salad is usually made when the family is gathered or when you welcome guests.


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