Thanakha (Myanmar Traditional Cosmetic)

Thanakha (Myanmar Traditional Cosmetic)



Thanakha is Myanmar traditional cosmetic paste and has been used in a 14th century. In our country, most people still wearing thanakha on their face with strong holding for our culture even latest cosmetic in market.

When you visit to our country, you will see a lot of people with Thanakha both cities and rural areas, especially in Upper Myanmar such as Mandalay, Sagaing, Magwe. Because , these places are distributed to all in Myanmar and we can see a lot of Thanakha farm there.


The trees must mature for at least 35 years before becoming viable, but many newer thanakha farms are able to put product on the market after just 3 to 7 years of growth. Thanakha is the most significance of  Myanmar and not only ladies but also men wear thanakha.



Thanakha cream is  made by grinding the bark or stems of thanakha tree with a small amount of water on a circular slate slab called Kyauk Pyin .


After grinding, you will get the thanakha cream, and then you can put it on your face in attractive design. Especially for summer, most of the people are using thanakha for traditional sunblock, protecting UV ray and to remove acne.


So, thanakha is very valuable cosmetic for Myanmar people.



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