Monhinga (Myanmar National Dish)

Monhinga (Myanmar National Dish)



Monhinga is the best and suitable traditional food in our country.  Most of the people eat Monthinga  as breakfast and sometimes at the tea time in the afternoon .It is available teashop,vendors ,and restaurants.

Monhinga is a kind of soup and it is eating fish soup with round rice noodles. To cook fish soup, take around 45 mins and we need the ingredients of fish chickpea flour, garlic, onions, lemomgrass, banana tree stems, ginger,fish sause and catfish. Finally we cooked fish soul, we mixed the fish soup and round rice noodle and then we can eat it. This is called Monhinga.


As optional extras, we can eat with fritters ,gourd fritter,boiled egg,fish cake and you can squeeze of lime and crushed dried chillis as you want. 


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