Novitiation Ceremony

Novitiation Ceremony


In our country , Myanmar, have a lot of famous festivals in every month. For example, water festival  in April, light festival in October and November, Vesak (Buddha Day) in May and novitiation ceremony in March and April (before Water festival).

As you know, our country is Buddhist country and we all are believe in Buddha. So, novitiation ceremony is became one of our important term.

As younger boys, they can enter novie-hood until their age of 20. Later 20, they can obtain monk hood and as for girl, they can make ear piercing . Buddhist in Myanmar believe that have been initiated into novice-hood at least one time in their life.


To be a novice or monk, they have to encounter three steps which are shaving hair, wearing robe and believing Buddha. As parents , they are proud for their children when they enter into a novice or monk.



The novitiation ceremony is very glorious and on the noviation day of early morning, new novices are applied make up, wearing traditional costume and are taken to a special place to being the ceremony.

After that, they are ride decorated splendly  horse and around their neighborhood to the monastery or pagoda.Some novies are taken on the shoulder of their close relatives if they cannot afford to ride horse. Some of the children are ride elephant back and more luxurious on Toyota, Land crusier ,Cygnus depending on budjet of every family.At the present day, the form of riding horse is just take place in rual area or small cities. In big cities, like Yangon, they are use cars to take their children into pagoda.


When they go to the pagoda or monastery, the parents of the novices are stand up top, carrying all necessary items( robe, alms bow, hand fan, water filters and razor).


Behind , the most of the beautiful  belle will bring on their hand betel box and flowers. At last, the folk dance group are accompany with the music band (traditional and modern music).


 Novitiation ceremony is exists everywher in Myanmar and I am sure, you will enjoy this traditional ceremony (novitiation ceremony) when seeing this movement and you can find lovely behavior of our local people.


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