Yaung Pae Soo Hair Style (Set Set Yo Village)

Yaung Pae Soo Hair Style (Set Set Yo Village)


Yaung Pae Soo Hair Style

In Our country, Myanmar , has a unique hair style called Yaung Pae Soo that means the traditional topknot style with a circular fringe. There is no other country like Yaung Pae Soo hair style except Myanmar. That is why, when you travel to Myanmar, you should not miss to see the boy and the girl wearing  Yaung Pae Soo.


According to ancient record, this unique hair style developed during the Bagan dynasty and in each period after. An old Myanmar proverb goes, “the glory of the women is the hair bun and the glory of the man is the upper arm”.

At the present day, you can’t see a lot the Yaung Pae Soo hair style in our country and it is difficult to keep and care for a long time.But , you can find some villages in upper Myanmar (Magway Division and Mandalay Division). Especially in Set Set Yo village where you can see the child with Yaung Pae Soo.


This village is located in Kyaukpadaung Township , Mandaly Division and about an hour from Bagan. As for you, you can go there when you arrive to Bagan. There are about 170 houses in the village and a few hundred people.

Most of  the children in this village  are wearing Yaung Pae Suu hair style and this village is only the palce where a lot of  children with Yaung Pae Suu. 



This hair style used to exist in four or five village in Bagan, Nyaung Oo and Popa area. Now  It is only in Set Set Yo village which makes it a kind of village for tourist who want to explore a hostrical aspect of Myanmar culture .




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