Hidden By Heart

Hidden By Heart

Aungpaingoo 23-May-2019

“Day”, it is precious for our life. Each new day has a different shape but we need to follow with it.

We will never have today again. So, how do we live day by day? And how should be a good day?

The only secret behind a good day is a good attitude. We always have stress, troubles and difficulties.

We can’t change like these events to get better result. But we only have to do is changing with better                                         



Now I really satisfied to my changing. That makes me relax and refresh for my coming new days.

It was a travelling to Kalaw Myanmar. It is the main setting of the novel "The Art of Hearing Heartbeats" 

by Jan-Philipp Sendker.



Kalaw is famous with trikking and hiking. The hill station is located at an elevation of 1310 meters,5 Km from the INLE LAKE.


Hnee Paya is a famous one of Kalaw.It is a 500 year old Bamboo Buddha. It include must go places in Myanmar for both locals and foreigner.It is located in the heart of Kalaw.

Thain Taung (Thain Mountain) is awsome places for sunset.

We can see the whole town of Kalaw from there and sunset is really nice.

Sometimes we just need an adventure to cleanse the bitter of life from our soul. I love adventure.

That’s why, I choose Kalaw for trekking. I crossed many village and also meet tribes from there.


I knew that, there are many people outside of our world. I saw different culture which I have never seen before.

These times are not forgettable for my life. Village is quite and peace.


My trekking takes 7 hours per day. But I forget to tire, to thirsty and to eat.

Some of power pushes me to forward. I think, it must be something. I didn’t know exactly that.

What is this power ?


 And I have no answer until now. But the one exactly thing is , “ I deeply love this trip”.

I am sure that, if you love  adventure, Kalaw trekking is the best one of Myanmar.


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Written By - Aung Paing Oo (Traveller)