A Step To Sustain Ecotourism

A Step To Sustain Ecotourism

Su Shin 30-Apr-2019

Travelling means a movement from place to place,not only seeing a new places.It about developing new perspecteives.

It can give us sustisfication and relaxtion.Years after years, our views was changed on travel.

Let's look at the change process. If we back to 2009, we went many famous places all over the world.

On that time, we may be thought travelling is just going to famous places of a country.

I also like that. In late 2018,our behavior was changed marvelously on travel.

Because most of traveler would like to feel the nature and explore to traditional immersion and also like to observe the daily life style of the authentic ethnic.It is going to sustainable ecotoursim. Ecotourism is the better one for the future.

Nowadays, most of the people have stress, struggle, and pain.

That’s why, we all need to relax and release them. The best way to solve is immersion in nature.If we love ecotourism,we have to love and sustain the nature resources.

We standing on the world.We breathing air from the world.

We wearing,living,eating,all we get from the world.

Our world is like a Mother.

Because she didn't take anything from us.She always give us whatever she have. But now she is so tired.

We are making many mistakes to her.She feel pain.

Please stop,don't do anything else.

If she don't have how can we stand? How can we live?

Now,she request a promise to us. "Love The Nature,Save The World. " I am your Mom,you all alives cause of me and I also alives cause of nature.

I can't stand without freshing air,greenish land.Don't destory them please".

Would you like to promise that for your Mom?

I have no doubt,all of the people who want to alive longer,they will be sustainalble to the nature.

Let's make a step to sustain ecotourism for all over the world. Our happiness is depending on us. We can create as much as we do.


#Love the nature

#Save the world.

Written By, Aung Pain Oo(Treasure Su Traveller)