Myanmar Traditional Sport (Chin Lone)

Myanmar Traditional Sport (Chin Lone)


Chin Lone

Chin Lone is traditional sport of Myanmar and also called caneball. It has played a prominent role in Myanmar about 1500 years.

It is made from ratten and if I say easily,this is basket-round or rounded basket. This is non-competitives and is team sport which combination of sport and performance.

I think, this sport is not easy as we think. Because this is invidually passing the ball between others within circle without using their hands. The players can make contact with the ball through their head, the top of the toses,the knee,the inner and outer sides of the foot, the heel and the sole.


When the Waso Chinlone festival held, the players include 6 people. But, generally it can play at least 3-4 people. This festival is usually held in small stadium in the ground of famous pagoda, Mahamuni, in Mandalay and take places for a month around the fullmon of Waso.


In our country, this sport is very famous and when you travel to our country, you can see it a lot in rural area where all of people (man ,women ,child)  are playing skillfully.


In 2013, for the first time, chinlone was as offical sport at the sea game hosted by Myanmar and Myanmar won gold medal. This result is showed " how skillful Myanmar people are".


So, as for you, when you visit to our country , Myanmar, you can study this sport and if you want to try like a local, you can learn how to play from local people.