Breathtaking Places - Bagan

Breathtaking Places - Bagan

Aungpaingoo 29-May-2019

“Life is not measure by the breaths you take, but it is a breathtaking moment”.

It is not important how you rich, really important theme is how to live.

I am sure that, we didn’t notice how many times we are breathing on every second.

But it makes us alive. Should we care for breathing? 


A breath of fresh air is a great thing to take better life.

Breath is the link between mind and body.

Do you have breathtaking places for your own world?

Our life is not perfect but we can create for perfect moment.

I would like to show up to get memorable seconds in Bagan, Myanmar.

Bagan is home of more than 2,000 temples that stretch out as far as eye can see.

It is famous with there are many sunset spots to breathing the fresh air over the trample.


Sunset are just little glimpse of the ending of a day. Breathing is a jiffy of a life.

I can’t instead of breathing by watching Sunset in Bagan. It is awesome one for my life.


While I go up to watch the sunset it is little difficult to reach the top.

At the top of the temple, I saw the best view which I have never seen before.

It is like a beautiful painting.

First, I saw many pagodas and trees. This make me feel missing something.

Breezes are touching to my face. And it carries me to the red ball on the sky.

It is fall down firstly. Then I breathe in the fresh air and close the eye. After that, I breathe out and open my eye. Red ball was sinking behind the mountain.

A day is over.

But I am still breathing.

I am waiting to my new days.


Written By - Aung Paing OO (Traveller)


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