Myanmar Traditional Snack( Htamane)

Myanmar Traditional Snack( Htamane)



Htamane (glutinous rice)

Htamane is Myanmar unique traditional snack and  also known seasonl snack for Tabodwe ( the 11th month of the Burmese calendar). Every on the fullmon day of the Tabodwe, Htamane making contest held as entertainment and all finished, firsty, they deliver to the monastery and the rest is deliver to relatives and neighbouring.  


In accordance with traditional, three men (need to be strong) are involved to make Htamane. Two of the men stir with the large wood spatulas and the third man instruct how to stir the dough.

Firstly, the glutinous rice (either white or not) is put into a huge wok and added oil and water. Then the rice was cooked and stirred at the same time by muscular young.


Other ingredients such as, coconut shaving, seasame seeds, groundnut and sliced ginger are added slowly to get a good flavor.

At first, it seem to be easily to stir. But it is harder to harder as the rice grain was cooked and swelled. So, the more the rice is stir  the texture also improves. When the rice grain is more  sticky , the men are more afford to stir and mix all ingredients.


When the glutinous rice has been thoroughly mixed and cooked, the wok is removed from the fire and placed on the tray covered with banana leaves that have been rubbed with edible oil to cool.

After that, we send Htamane to neighbouring, relatives and friend as a festival gift.