Mont Sein Paung (Steamed Rice Cake)

Mont Sein Paung (Steamed Rice Cake)


In our country, most of the desserts are made of sticky rice. But, Mont Sein Paung  is not like other snack. Because this is made of rice and this is suitable for the people who don’t like sticky rice.

“Mont” means snack and most of the Myanmar desserts name are include “mont”. For example, Htan Tee Mont ( Toddy Palm Cake), Mont Lone Yay Paw ( Sticky Rice Ball), Mont Let Saung (Rice drop with coconut milk or jiggery caramel sauce) etc.

The meaning of Mont Sein Paung is “Steamed Rice Cake” and made of rice, jiggery and you can see two layers that the brown layers is made of jiggery and the white colour is only made of rice. After steamed , we can eat together with coconut shreds and a few sesame salt.



The taste of  the jiggery layer is sweet and the white layer is rich in taste . When I buy this snack, I usually say to seller " Please , give me more brown colour". Because I like sweet. As for you, when you visit to our country, Myanmar, if you want to taste that you can available from vendors, hawkers and Myanmar traditional dessert restaurant.