Things To Do In Yangon

Things To Do In Yangon

Aungpaingoo 13-Jun-2019

Why do you love travel?

We have no exact answer for that.

You are now lite that -“If you don’t ask I know, but if you ask I don’t know”.

Generally, people love to travel due to learning, challenging, greeting in touch their self, building the strengthening relations, having adventure, escaping their daily routing and relaxing.

I am sure that, these are good reasons for “why we love to travel”.

Once a year, go someplace you’ve never been before. It is not for a moment.

It is for your whole life.

Have you ever been Yangon? It is a famous commercial city of Myanmar?

So, I would like to give some tips “things to do in Yangon”.

Where can we go and what should we do?


 “We don’t grow when things are easy; we grow when we face challenges”.

I am sure; you really love the challenge of Yangon.

It is “Transport System” of Yangon. Most of the people use two type of transportation such as bus and train.

If you choose the bus, your first challenge is to change small notes- 200 Kyats (0.131 $).

You don’t have 200 Kyats (0.131 $).It will be difficult to take the bus.

But don’t worry for that, can keep your change at the small shop near bus stop.

And you have to drop this money into the cash box. So, if you didn’t change small notes, have to  paid at least 500 Kyats, 1000 Kyats or 1 $.No one will keep your change. It all cannot get back.

Even more, you will see the daily life style of local people.When you take train, I am sure that you will see how people are living in Yangon. And how are they standing on their daily life.

These two things should do when you reach in Yangon. There is another one for challenge yourself. It is shopping. At the super market it is easy to buy anything for you.

But the real problem is when you buy in the local market; have to know some of Burmese phrase for that. The best market you have to go in Yangon is “ Bogyoke Market”.

When you’re shopping/haggling for a fair price, these can help you easy.

How Much?                                        : Bal Lauk  le ?

Very Expensive                                  : Zae Myar Tal

Can you reduce the price?            : Nae Nae Htat Shot Pay Par

I will take it                                         : Dar You Mal



1                                                              : Tit

2                                                              : Hnit

3                                                              : Thone

4                                                              : Lay

5                                                              : Nga

6                                                              : Chout

7                                                              : Khoon Nit

8                                                              : Shitt

9                                                              : Koe

10                                                           : Tseh




We can learn a lot in Yangon.  The famous places- such as  Shwedagon, Chauk Htet Gyi and Colonical Buildings.




The elegant of Shwedagon Pagoda is Yangon’s most famous landmark.

The massive 99 meter high gold plated pagoda with the diamond studded spire set on top of a small hill downtown Yangon dominates the area and is visible from much of the city.

According to the legend is more than 2500 years old dating back to the lifetime of the Buddha, making it the oldest pagoda in Burma. Historical evidence suggest the pagoda was built by the Mon around 6th century.

Chauk Htat Gyi

This pagoda is famous for its 65 meters long Reclining Buddha Image.

Colonial Era Building

Of all Southeast Asian cities, Yangon has the highest number of colonial era buildings.

Hundreds of late 19 th century structures remain on an area of several square miles in the downtown area. You can explore by walking along there.


Funny Time

“Happiness is a way of travel, not a destination”Most of the people travel for destination. I realized that it is really wrong. Isn’t it?

When we go travel we can learn many things from there.

And we can create memorable times of our life.

If you would like to get sweet smiles, you should go to “Mahar Bandula Public Park” which is the front of Yangon City Hall and ask chatting with local people.

Such as,

Hello                                      : Minglarbar

How are you?                    : Nay Kaung Lar

Thank you                           : Kyay  Zu Tin Par Tal

I believe it can help your communication skills.



When you are in Yangon, the places you have to visit is Yangon Sunset Cruise.

Enjoy cool breezes and sunset on the water as you cruise the Yangon River aboard a comfortable river boat with cabins and open –air decks.

Juice, Purified and fried chicken will be served during the leisurely sunset cruise through the waterways that surrounded Yangon; spot the

Twante Canal lighthouse before sailing back to Botahtaung Jetty.

Peaceful Place in Yangon

Life can be hard. And has many stresses. So, we need to try for escape from them. How should we do? You have a chance for entering to Stress Free Zone.

Because peaceful places make you release from stress. There has in Yangon.

Peaceful places you shouldn’t miss in Yangon is watching the monks in early morning procession with alms bowl near Shwedagon Pagoda.

At there, monks are lining up. You can see a lot of monks are lining up for receiving the offering of the people.

I am sure that –this view can make you feel the peaceful. It is one of Myanmar Culture which started from thousands of years ago until now.


Relaxing In Yangon

Music is the best therapy to relax.If you would like to immerse the music while you taking your dinner.

Myanmar Cultural Show is waiting you at the Karaweik Hotel which is in the Kandawgyi Lake.

(Karaweik Hotel) 

(Cultural Show)

These all you should do in Yangon.

Don’t miss it.

After you did it - will be your awesome times in Yangon, Myanmar.

I hope to see you again on my next blog.

Have a nice day.

Written By 

Aung Paing OO (Traveller)