Myanmar Festivals

Myanmar Festivals


Water Festival Myanmar

In our country, Myanmar , it has a lot festivals in every month and all of festivals are famous . When you visit to our country, you can see some festivals depend on your travel time.  I will give you some informations that festivals with Myanmar Months.

April-Tagu (water festival)

May-Kason (banyan tree watering ceremony)

June-Nayon( festival of religious examination)


July-Waso (festival of  ordination of monks)

August-wagaung( festival of giving religious charity by lot)

September-Tawthalin (festival of boat competition)

October-Thadingyut ( Lighting festival)


November-Tazaungmon (Kahthein festival)

December-Natdaw (celebration in honour of the literati-Sarsodaw ) and Nat festival

January- Pyatho (equestrian festival)

February-Tabodwe (harvest festival)

March-Tabaung (festival of sand pagodas)

As above mentioned, our country has 12 months and every months has festivals. Moreover, each festivals are usually held every year and all of festivals are significant until now. So,I am sure, as for tourists, can get a lot of experience and unforgettable memories when you encounter this event in Myanmar.