Shan Htamin Chin (Shan Traditional Food)

Shan Htamin Chin (Shan Traditional Food)


Shan Htamin Chin

In our country, breakfast is not the same upon on the places. In lower Myanmar, Monhinga is our favourite and Upper Myanmar, some people eat mohinga and some people eat their traditional food as their breakfast . In Shan state, Shan Noodle,Tohu Nway and Shan Htamin Chin are their breakfast.



When you visit to Shan State, you can taste a lot of Shan traditional food. Now I would like to introduce you about Shan Htamin Chin. Shan Htamin Chin is very famous dish for their breakfast and it has ball shape. The Shans are mainly use white meaty fish and Salmon fish can also use .


The main ingredients are fish, potatoes and tomatoes.  In a large bowl, mix rice, mash potatoes,puree tomatoes and handful onions . After that mix them completely and knead as round shape. If you like sour, you can add lime and  some people are eat together with spring onions on top.