Rakhine Mont Ti

Rakhine Mont Ti


Rakhine Mont Ti

In our country, some traditional foods are famous together with its destinations and you will see when you visit to Myanmar. For example, Pathein Halawa, Taunggyi beans, Mandalay Htoe mont and so many things.

Now, you can also see Yakhine Mont Ti. It also called Ar-Pu-Shar-Pu(hot throat & hot tongue) and the flavour  is spicy.

These ingredients need to get the soup ,

Fish, ngapi, lemongrass, pepper, garlic, red chili sauce, green chili paste and crisp garlic garnish. When after cooking fish soup, can eat together with rice noodle. It similar to the Myanmar national dish (mont hin gar). But the taste is not the same.

Firstly, put the fish into the pan and add water and turmeric. When the water boil, take it fish. And then peel the skin and flake the flesh , discarding any bones. Squeeze the flake fish by using sieve. And the fish juice and the remaining ingredients are put into the water and simmer for 10 mins. Season with salt.



In a pan, heat the peanut oil and stir in the turmeric. When the oil has turned a vibrant yellow, add the flaked fish and stir for 10 minutes on low heat until the fish has become dry and very flaky. And then add fish sauce and water. After that simmer, we can eat this soup with rice noodle.


As extra, you can add pae kyaw and nga phe. And also like spicy you can add green chili paste.