“Why you must visit with your son or your Father to Myanmar”

“Why you must visit with your son or your Father to Myanmar”

Su Shin 30-Apr-2019

As you know, love is not only something you feel, it is something you do.

What’s happening, there is no love in the world?

What’s happening, there is no love in your family especially between father and son.

A father is a man who expects his son to be as good as he meant to be.

Mostly, father and son miss their love cause of ego.

It was hidden by their believes, age gap and difference side of views.

When we were young, our father is not only hero but also role model of our life.

He cares to us warmly and kindly. Even more, he was a Google for us.

Because if we would like to know something, we need only to ask him.

He already knows all.

When we grew up, we feel like that we are becoming Google already for him. We know all.

We don’t need to accept his opinions, ideas and so on because we thought it may be out of date.

He uses his daily routine by reading, watching, working instead of caring us like we were in childhood.

We also changed too, his every suggestion is not acceptable and against with him, we always follow by “We Know That”.

Most of the time, we hope getting back a better relationship between fathers and son.
How to getting back?

I have no doubt; you have a good answer and also good reasons.

I have an answer too. It is a key to open the door of ego which has between of you and your father.


That key takes both of you to memorable past and continues to reborn with activities and specialized program of us.

We have many packages to travel for reborn a relationship between father and son.

We sure that, after come back from this trip, you already reborn to your relation.

We have

-To explore Myanmar Natural Resources and untouched places like full range of Mountain for Trekking


-To learn Myanmar Traditional Cultural like Shan Traditional Instruments, Rakhine Traditional Drum, Myanmar Traditional Cane Ball, Myanmar Traditional Boxing, Rakhine Traditional Wrestling

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