Travel Is Education

Travel Is Education

Aungpaingoo 09-May-2019


Our world was changed.

And people’s behavior was changed also.


Many years ago, people were think energy and power is the second God. So they were attack and intrude each other for boundary.

After many centuries, they realize that the terrorism is not a best one to be a powerful country. From that time, they were moving to capitalism.

Nowadays, most of people accept that “today is age of education”.

If a country has a lot of educated person, I am sure this country more successful, richer and stronger than other.


What is education?

Education is not only numbers.

Education is not only words.

It has no limitation and we have to find it until we die.

And I believe, education is not teaching. It is learning and sharing.

Sure Education Is Learning and Sharing.

Where can we get Education?

Most of the people answered, “Yeah we can get education from schools, books and teachers. That’s all.

In the real, it is not like that. Why are we limiting the education?

We can learn everywhere, every time from any one.

Do you know, the best way how to learn?

Harvey Lloyd said “Travel is like an endless university.  You never stop learning”

Exactly, traveling can teach us more than a classroom.

Travelling Is Learning

What can we learn from travelling?

There are five reasons to learn from travelling and I would like to inform some of our destination.


(1) It is improve our communication skills- make friends with strangers.

Language Exchange Program Tour in Burma

(2) Can get new experience such as culture, language, religious etc.

Exchange Cultural With Authentic People

Bagan – Ngalinpoke – Htee Pu (Horse Riding)

(3) Get creativity idea which base on our travelling places.

Explore Myanmar Ecotourism

Study and Adventure to Upper Myanmar

(4) Also can manage ourselves by adjusting with others.

Kalaw Campaign

Myanmar Classic

(5) And to find good observation.

Ballooning In Bagan

Irrawaddy Explorer (Cruises)

Adventure to Hidden Places


Education Is Learning and Sharing

Learning Is travelling

Travelling Is Education

Hope to see you again on my next blog.

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