Myanmar Tempura (A kyaw Sone)

Myanmar Tempura (A kyaw Sone)


Myanmar Tempura or Myanmar Fritter

In our country, a lot of traditional food you can taste. All traditional foods are very delicious and all are famous as its comes from destinations. For example, Halawa (sweet dessert made of glutinous rice,butter,coconut mik and poppy seeds) from Pathein, beans from Taunggyi, Htoe Mont ( sticky rice with coconut cream, butter cream)from Mandalay, Monti  (Burmese cuisine dishes made with thin rice noodles )from Rakhine and so many things.

Now, I would like to introduce you the taste of Myanmar tumpura .When you travel to our country, Myanmar, you will see a lot of Myanmar tempura. It can make vegetables, beans, corns, banana , potatoes,tohu food,onions and prawns.


The most popular vegatables used in  Myanmar tempura are Bottle Gourd this is call Butee kyaw ,you can eat  it with Mohingar (Burmese national dish). Another  famous tempura are Baya kyaw(split yellow peas fritters),Pae Kat kyaw(fried chick peas in gludin rice dough) and Mandalay Pae Kyaw(Red Bean fritter) and other famous tempura.

All of these tempura are eat with chili sauce and some tempura can eat as a dish for vegetarian.


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