It is located at the North of Shan state. Many mountains for trekking, many species of flora and fauna for nature lovers, various kinds of ethnic groups for ethnic studying and many pagodas with wonderful legendries for visiting joyfully. Although there are many interesting tour sites.

Capital - Loikaw

Languages - Kaya, Shan, Myanmar

Industries - Agriculture, Mining

Car, Train, Air

Taung Kwe Zedi

Demawso Market


Archeological & Culture – Pagodas, Monasteries, “Spirit” Worship Culture

Ethnic – Study to Kayah Ethnic and their way of life


Loikaw is the capital of Kayah state, located in southern Shan state of Myanmar and on the Pilu River, a tributary of the Thanlwin (Salween) River. Situated in hilly forested country, Loi-kaw has timber and silk-processing industries

Demawso Market

The Demawso Market was formed by local hill tribes on the purpose of selling their wares. Visiting the market is such a truly unique experience when you travel to this region. It only opens on Wednesday and Saturday. You will have spectacular opportunity to discover the trading of the ethnic groups who are wearing colorful traditional costumes. They are really simple, friendly and hospitable people.


“Padaung” means “Long neck” in the Shan Language. Traditionally, women wore neck-rings, but this practice has decreased recently. One of their beliefs is that the longer the neck, the more beautiful the person is. Therefore, Padaung women when they came of age, wear bronze spiral rings around their necks. That’s why, the Padaung have become a popular tribe of Myanmar.

Taung Kwe Zedi

Locating on Mingalar Thiri Mountain, the Taung Kwe Zedi one of famous interest site in the Kayah State. It is also the most venerated pagoda in the region. Visiting the pagoda and enjoying the sunset or panoramic view of Loikaw from the top of the Taung Kwe zedi hill will bring you such an unforgettable experience. Besides, there are also eight small stupas on the cleft mountain.